Adventures in Hawaii

So I just got back from visiting Trista in Oahu for spring break. It was a really great week.
My flight there went without a hitch, which was great considering I was really nervous about flying alone for the first time. Upon arriving to the airport I got lei'd by both Jordan and Trista with fresh flowers and everything! We made a trip to the store after getting back to her apartment to get taco ingredients then ate and chilled for the rest of the evening. I was quite tired from the long flight and five hour time difference, so I was happy to call it a night early.
Day two Trista and I decided to go to the aquarium. It was a really nice one, there were sharks and adorable seals and and jellyfish. It was just a short walk to the beach from there so we grabbed some really yummy food from a little cafe on the beach and then headed to the ocean. We spent an hour or so there then walking back to our bus we saw a sign advertising happy hour and free pool with a drink, so we headed on up to what we realized was a cute little gay bar. We played a game of pool then headed to our bus to go to a cafe where I had a delish iced thai latte. When we got back to the apartment Jordan Trista and I made some shrimp pasta with alfredo and cheesy garlic hawaiian bread for dinner.
Day three Trista had to work and I wandered to a swap meet near her house then laid around by the pool at the apartment and read until she got back. That evening we went to Highway Inn, a restaurant that was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and had traditional hawaiian food, which I enjoyed for the most part.
On Thursday I went to Pearl Harbor while Trista was at work, which was a really cool experience. Then I wandered the mall for awhile and got an iced coconut latte from starbucks.. realllly wish they had those on the mainland. Anddd I am completely blanking on what occured Thursday evening.
Fridayyy day is also missing from my mind, but I know we went to a luau that night. It was soso neat. The food (especialllly the kalua pork) was absolutely to die for, and Shakira didn't have nothin on those dancers and their hips. Also, lava flows are like the greatest drink ever. 
Saturday Trista Jordan Jay and Danielle had an epic day planned out. We started with a hike to sacred falls. The hike there wasn't too complicated or anything, but it was pouring down rain the entire time,which made it a bit scary. On the way up you had to cross a stream to get to where the trail continued on the other side (note this for later references). The top where all the falls were was absolutely beautiful, especially since it was pouring so they were going pretty good. On the way back down all was well until we got to the point where we were supposed to cross the tiny ankle deep stream to continue on the trail. Said stream had turned into a raging current that was pretty deep and suuuuper fast. We backtracked a bit because we had seen a homemade rope swing a ways back, and Jay stood on Jordans shoulders and cut the rope as high up as he could. Jordan was the biggest of all of us, and he managed to cross the stream and tie the rope to one of the trees. Jay stood on the other side of it and held the rope. I was the first (besides Jordan) to try and go across. It was going decently but int he middle as soon as I lifted up one of my feet to take a step the current washed my feet from under me and I went flying. I still had ahold of the rope, and had managed to grab Jordan's hand as well. Jay, in a moment of pure adrenaline, managed to book it across the stream just as my hand was slipping from Jordans, and they got me up onto a rock. But seriously, it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced, I literally thought I was going to die. There was no way in hell Trista and Danielle were doing the same thing, so we backtracked even more til they found a tree that had fallen across the stream and climbed across that. Problem was when we went to head back down to the trail (on the right side of the stream) we realized we had backtracked too far and in front of us were straight up cliffs and no sort of flat ground to walk on. Sooo we all back to go backkk across the tree, make our way back down stream til we found a place where it only went up to our waist and with the big rocks all the way across it was easy enough to fight the current. So what started out as a nice short easy hike turned into a four hour six mile ordeal, but we all made it out alive, and it made for a good story. We didn't have time to do the Dole Pineapple Plantation as planned, but we stopped and got some dinner and headed towards North Shore. We had a fire on the beach and a really nice evening.
Sunday we were all pretty exhausted. Trista had to work, so Jordan and one of his friends and I went to a big swap meet so I could pick up some souvenirs for the family. Jordan and I also went to the arcade and played some DDR and air hockey. That evening we got dinner at a reallllly yummy chinese place and then frozen yogurt, then headed home to relaxxx and get to sleep early, seeing as Trista and I had to get up at 4:30 the next morning to get me to the airport.
Flight home was just about as painless as the flight there, and now I have to get myself back into the mode of going to classes and doing homework. All in all it was a really great trip.

The short version of this entry is I went to Hawaii for a week, and it was a blast.

home again home again

on the train from Toronto to Detroit, then back to Champaign tomorrow morningggg. 
I ended up seeing twenty-one movies between Saturday and this morning. That's a lot of movies.
I forgot to say that I was mistaken as a prostitute in Toronto. 
I also laughed at a really inapropriate part to laugh in a movie. Really loud. When no one else did. It was funny though, I swear.
I had a good time.

i love breakfast

First of all, I think I should let you all know that Joseph Gordon Levitt is still not my boyfriend. Sad story, I know.
Also, i slept in the bathtub last night, because drunk boys snore so freaking loud it's ridiculous.
Oh yeah, we went out last night. There were these dudes spinning at the first bar we went to, and I really liked the music, buuuut it was loud we didn't stay. Then we met up with a bunch of film dudes at some other bar. there was another girlfriend of a writer there, and she was super cool. The night started out pretty rough, but overall I'm pretty sure everyone ended up having a decent time. 
I onlly have one movie on my schedule today, but Luke's sick so I might go to his at 2. Tomorrow is our last full day here; that's kinda strange. I'm ready to go home, but I'm ready to go homehome, not Champaign home. 
The very first movie I saw of the festival, Oslo August 31st, is still my favorite. 

to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die

Helllooo wonderful friends of mine. More movies and events to update. Yesterday the first movie I saw was Take This Waltz, which I really enjoyed even though it kinda broke my heart. Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogan were there for the Q&A after, and I just absolutely cracked up every time Seth Rogan laughed; his laugh is just the absolute best. Also saw Martha Marcy May Marlene. Got french toast ice cream later on, awesome right!? Nathan and I just hung out last night cause neither of us had movies to go to; I also skyped with Marshall for awhile. When Luke got back from his movie Nathan and I had all the lights off telling ghost stories lol.
Today I ventured off on my own to Kensington Market. Just a bunch of restaurants and vintage shops and specialty shops and whatnot.. I reallly enjoyed some of the places. I got a super cute dress from this little Taiwanese clothing shop, which I love. I also got a huge bag full of day old bread for a dollar; scoreeee! There were soo many delicious sounding places to eat around there; I think I'm going to try and make time to go again before we head back to the states. 
I think I hafta go to a movie, Dark Horse, at like 4. I didn't really want to go, but I don't think we got the ticket sold, so oh wellll. Then toniiiiight I get to go listen to Joseph Gordon Levitt speak, which I'm so freaking pumped about. I hope he will be my boyfriend.
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we all seem to need the help of someone else

My second day here in Toronto. I didn't have any movies last night like everyone else, so I went and enjoyed the pool/sauna. Got up this morning to get to my first  movie at 9:45. Oslo August, 31st, which was one of my most anticipated and for good reason. It was such a powerful film and one that I think will really stick with me. Wuthering Heights was second, which I was also excited for, but it was just alright. Not great, certainly not bad. Then I went by myself to Last Dogs of Winter, which was a documentary about canadian eskimo dogs. Some of the most gorgeous dogs I've ever seen, and it made me want to go work for the guy that the documentary was done about. He and another boy that works with him did a Q&A with the director after the film, which was neat. Luke and I just went and got food; I got a delish falafel wrap served by a cute guy that kept flirting with me even when Luke was standing directly behind me. Sharing a tiny hotel room with four guys for ten days is going to get really interesting I think. I've already had to go to the lobby to poop, because I'm certainly not going to do it in the room!! 
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I'm baaaaaack! 
I'm on a train on my way to Toronto for a film festival, and I decided that this would be a good way to keep track of all my musings throughout my time here, sooo yayyy Livejournal!
Luke and Nathan came and picked me up in Champaign (oh hey, I"m in grad school now, in case you didn't know). Luke got a speeding ticket before he even got to my house, so that was a great way to start off the trip. But then we got dunkin and I got a carmel apple donut AND  a pumpkin donut. Anyyyyways, after all that it was off to Detroit to stay with Nathan's friend Sean for the night before heading to Toronto. We went to this thing where you pay five dollars to eat soup (and delishhh mac n cheese) and then they vote on ideas in the community to where the money is going to go each time. I think it's a really awesome idea, and if they had something like that back in Champaign I would certainly participate. Then after soup we needed even more food, so we went to this pizza place and got GHOST CHILE PIZZA. holy shit, I ate a piece, but I really did think I was going to die. We got a delish tandoori pizza too, but it took a looong time before I was able to enjoy that. Goodness gracious. By the time we headed back to Sean's we were all pretty sleepy from a long day of driving, so we passed out pretty soon afterwards. The bathroom at that house was great, and the people he lives with are really nice; when we woke up this morning the lady he lives with had out bagels and juice and cereal and all sorts of stuff, sucha sweet lady! Sooo yeah, now I think I"m going to settle back and watch some Prison Break until we reach our destination. More later :)

don't wake me I plan on sleeping in

I've been at the coffee shop for about six hours now. Finally finished a twelve page paper, but instead of feeling relieved, I just kinda wanna go home, curl up, cry, and go to sleep. It was nice for the first three hours, sipping on bottomless coffee and listening to indie christmas tunes, but goodness gracious, enough's enough.
Also, my phone was shut off so that's been fun not being able to contact anyone I need to. And relying on email.
Need to stop this negativity. The work's not gonna let up til the end of the semester so I might as well get used to it.
I can't stop shaking and I dunno if it's from the ridiculous amount of coffee I consumed or from sitting in the same spot for so damn long.
I just want a hug. or a shoulder massage. Or both.